Cash Out Guidelines

<= 70%

  • For low doc loans with an LVR <= 70% when the equity release or cash out is > $500,000 the stated purpose must have supporting documents.
  • In all other cases purpose only is required.


> 70%

  • For low doc loans with an LVR > 70% to max 80% where equity release or cash out is equal to or less than $100,000 only a stated purpose is needed.


Equity release / Cash Out LVR Purpose Confirmation Minimum Income Verification
<=$100,000 <=80% Stated Purpose Only Accountant's Declaration for Loan amount <=$1,000,000


BAS for Loan amount or customer total exposure >$1,000,000

>$100,000 <=70% Stated Purpose only.

If Equity release > $500,000 Stated Purpose must be supported by evidence.

Last four BAS required.


The above guidelines are a guide only and are subject to change at any time. They can and do change regularly.

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